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nissan ignition
NeXT Gen Series Igniters ( Inductive Ignition Modules)

Mission Ignition Systems NeXT Gen ignition units are the ONLY powered inducitve ignition modules on the market.

Serialized, and built in house to our customers exacting needs, our NeXT ignition modules incorporate integrated amplification allowing for higher efficiency, voltage and current to the coil then typical ignition modules.

Mission Ignition is confident no other ignition module on the market can compete with our custom in house units, which share much of the circutry used when developing our new rocket thruster ignition for NASA.single channel ignitor kit


- up to four channels (built to spec)
- mil spec components
- high voltage output allow up to 100+kV
- 40 amperes continuous per channel
- 80 amp burst output per channel
- 1000mJ system power output
- ultra fast response time (10x faster then typical ignition module units)
- advanced PCB SMD design to support high current input and output power
- heavy guage wiring
- thermal protection circuitry
- high voltage protection circuitry
- reverse polarity protection circuitry
- integrated amplifier stabilizes and monitors voltage and current output
- ultra efficient power transfer
- lowest output noise on the market allowing for more accurate ECU performance (shared NASA TECH)
- pins connectors and seals all included
- high rpm capability
- lifetime warranty


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NeXT ignition module component options

Kawasaki, powered by TaKAI NeXT ignition modules can also be customized for each application.

Custom voltage and current outputs.

Custom voltage protection, and current limiting.

Interconnects - Deutsch, Standard auto, MIL spec, or flying leads. Diagnostic LED, and Power LED color choices.

Multi spark, or single long duration strike capability.

External wiring - 12awg, 16awg*, 18awg, or customer supplied

Optional Internal RFI / EMC / EMI shielding

MIL spec, auto spec* at customer request

Design is optimized for the specific needs of each customer.