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chevy ignition
The benefits of Mission Ignitions Performance Equipment

engineering dataScience tells us that when we pour more energy into a combustion event, we can extract more energy out of the combustion event. This includes fuel, air and the catalyst, the spark energy.

With many high performance engineering bread, and patent pending designs, Mission Ignition Systems has developed the best performing ignition coils when it comes to high performance late model coil on plug technology in the industry.

Rather than relying on the conventional coil package design our WeaponX, and TaKAI product tests show vastly superior functionality, efficiency and power output.

Using proven technology and engineering methods Mission ignition Systems's components have shown in independent dynos to increase power levels well over 200rhwp* in extreme environments and have shown an extra 10 to 40** rear wheel horsepower gains on average with improved drivability when used properly.

*boosted apps, found when testing above 1200rwhp
**typical boosted applications at >16psi


ultimate X2 ignition system

So what are our customers saying about our new X2 PowerCORE ignition wire? First off, it's our customers that we strive to serve and they are the ones that deserve all the credit. Here is to Hong E. of Windsor, Ontario Canada and his latest achievements!

"Only the best goes on my car and after hearing Shelby American was using your WeaponX coils I had to give the product a try. If it was good enough for them, it should be good enough for me.

First time out with the new product there was too much rain on and off throughout the weekend and we did not have time to do any bracket racing on Saturday but I did get a few runs on Friday to test and tune and it ran 11:40, 11:41 and 11:42 which is on par with typical times. Pulled off the brand new MSD wires and I adjusted for the new WeaponX X2 PowerCORE wires and ExtremeX plugs and I got 3 runs, 2 were time trials. Those 3 runs were very good. They were 11.271s at 122.66 mph, 11.301s at 121.58mph and last one was 11.307 at 122.66mph again. Better ET's and 2mph faster in the quarter mile. trans am ignition

That weekend, I beat my previous all time record with a 11.271 second ET and yesterday I went to Milan for another race. With the increase fuel burning capacity, I adjusted the fuel to air ratio and I bumped up the jets from 0.072/0.080” to 0.073/0.082, which previously didn't work so well with the old equipment, and it ran 11.275 on first run and the next 2 runs it ran 11.18 and 11.19! That is almost a tenth quicker than my previous best. The other run would have been similar but I had to let off gas and brake. That run was 11.22 (broke out on 11.24 dial) at only 111.9 mph.

Overall, I got the best runs ever! The average before completely changing over to your wires was 11.37 seconds. With your wires, the first run got me down to 11.27 and had a quicker mph! 11.18 seconds was something very unexpected. I didn’t think that it would make that much difference if any, but I was wrong, it DID. You don’t know how much in disbelief and excited I was when I first glanced at the 11.18 slip. With the next run an elimination, I was confused and did not know what to dial in. Dial in at 11.20? “No”, I said to myself, “there is no way I can run that fast." I didn’t even think that I could repeat the 11.27, let alone 11.20! That was why I dialed in 11.24. Damn! I was completely wrong. But 3 runs in a row easily at 11.20 and under, that proved it! Nice wires you got. You have CONVINCED me!", Hong E., Windsor, Ontario, CA

Congratulations Hong on your new best times!

Super Stockcar championship!

We just usually let our customer do the talking for us.

ignition wire"Hi... just a bit of feedback for you on the coils that you supplied for our Jaguar race engine. The only thing that we had done to the engine for the racing season was to fit the coils that you had supplied. OMG what a difference they made. The engine had a totally different sound at idle and much improved throttle response. Performance on the race track was like night and day. I won the west coast Super Stockcar championship, qualified 3rd top points in group for the New Zealand Championship and won races in 36 car fields. The cheapest Horsepower by far buying those coils. Also no more plug fouling and starts first time and idles straight from cold. A VERY GOOD PRODUCT.

Best Regards,

Kerry Podjursky

Customer Vehicles

american iron ignition Breaking records!!

Mission Ignition Systems WeaponX coils drove Andy Bowman's Mustang to a new track record of 1:59.7 at Buttonwilliow raceway in 95 degree weather! The previous best being 2:00:03, in the NASA circuit!

20 plus dyno pulls to test and tune. The stock coils, Motorcraft plugs and competitor ignition plasma booster were dyno tuned in for approx 385RWHP / 385RQTQ on a fully built naturally aspirated Ford Modular 4V engine. Typically the combination is good for approx 12-15 rwhp/rwtq over the stock setup.

Next the aftermarket plasma ignition booster was removed and the OEM coils were swapped with Mission Ignition Systems WeaponX coils. Runs were done 30 minutes apart. Dialed in with the WeaponX coils, horsepower jumped from 385RQHP, 359RWTRQ to 396RWHP and 368RWTQ. A net improvement of 11 RWHP and 9 RQTQ over the stock ignition system with the WeaponX Plasma Ignition Amplifier!

The comments were as follows. " We have found over stock ignition systems, the competitor plasma ignition system with stock coils is typically good for 12 - 15 RWHP/RWTQ. Therefore, our tests here appear with the WeaponX system there is a 20 - 24 RWHP / RWTQ improvement over the stock system on our engine combination. independant weaponx dyno

The data sheets and dyno sheets show that the WeaponX coils really perform at higher RPM's, 4500 to 7000 and improvements begin starting at as low as 4000rpm. They definitely worked... it's not that often that we feel this confident about a product and how well it works but after an exhaustive effort dynoing and tuning for 2 full days we are very confident about the WeaponX coils and spark plugs. For the money and the gains experienced with the WeaponX coils and plugs falls right in line with most other high end products in the market such as our high end JBA exhaust systems. For the hp vs cost they are definitely a great upgrade."

Andy Bowman

JBAracing.com provides exceptional exhaust equipment and uses WeaponX equipment for their own professional SCCA racer with great results earning a second overall their first year in competition!

ford falcon ignition

Superior Quality and Performance!

Success after success our WeaponX coils show their prowess on the 32V Australian
built Ford Falcon supercharged 32V engine. Smooth and quick engine response and improved power across the board!

"All the goodies arrived this afternoon and within 5 minutes I was down at Intune Motorsports! What can I say the products are very impressive and the coil covers look fantastic. Everyone from Intune commented on just how well the product has been manufactured.

The dyno chart is a straight before and after - simply installed the WeaponX coils and spark plugs - no retune - and did 4 runs to be sure and consistent with the heat soak and the result were gains across the entire rev range. Where they really make a difference is around 4,000rpm. Net gain was about 10rwhp and 22rwtq!!!! The car sounds better and is incredibly smooth all the way to the rev limit.... John Houlder my tuner was very impressed with the difference. The AFR's have never looked better and I'm really really happy with the result. before and afterweaponx dyno results

The other thing to mention is the simple driveability of the car - whilst I cannot really quantify this with figures - the coils and spark plugs have smooooothed the whole engine right across the rev range- it has always pulled extremely hard but now it seems to do so in a new way - the engine is more responsive and it feels "stronger" for want of a better word!! The car has honestly never run better.

I only drove home (5 miles) from Intune yesterday after the installation and I must say that I am very impressed!! Today I have just driven about 60 miles or so and I am now in awe to the point I dropped by my tuner to say thank you again. Love it....

So after all is said and done - great result, great products and great service.

One very happy Ford owner!!!"

Tony S.

Mission Ignition Systems Customer Testimonials

First off, from WeaponX to all military personnel around the world, prayers go out to you to stay safe and have a peaceful time during your service.

A review from one of our most respected customers for what they do for our countries, military personnel.

"First, I would like to say thank you for the Great Products that you offer for our vehicles. Ok, where do I begin? I own a 02 Mustang GT and I started off getting a set of GMS coils which i was told would be the best investment as far as gas mileage, smoother idle and even a little horsepower gain. What weaponx militaryactually happened was nothing of the sort. Within the first week, the number 6 cylinder coil went bad. I did not have the money at the time to purchase a new one so I installed a stock coil and I was running again. I couldn't tell that I had one stock coil and 7 so called performance coils but it wasn't long after that I lost another coil. Well I started to wonder if it was my car and not the coils, so I sold them to a guy in my car club and explained that 2 coils were bad. The same two coils didn't work on his Mustang either and he purchased 2 more coils to replace them. Well needless to say, he has had nothing but problems since. Anyway, I ran the stock coils for a few weeks and then purchased some Accels but they seemed no better than the stock coils and my performance seemed to get worse the more miles I put on the car. Well that leads me to my next purchase, MSD coils. To be honest, they were no different than my stock coils as far as smoother idle. The MSD coils did seem to do a little, maybe it was wishful thinking or hoping, but I am sorry to say that I started having misfire issues and junked the MSD coils. Anyway I went back to the stock coils figuring you can't beat them. Which brings me to why I'm sending this email, a buddy in our car group was having his Mustang repainted and was having his short block built up to handle higher horsepower and allowed me the privilege of trying out his coils (WEAPON X) to see what I thought. Please excuse my language but "FU@KING WOW"!!!!!!!!

I only got to use them for 10 days but that allowed me to drive several hundred miles (to chicago and back from arkansas). I have made that trip 3 times this past year and I have never gotten more than 320 miles to a tank of gas. That one trip with WeaponX coils, I averaged 385 miles per tank on the way there and 392 on the way back. Everything was better, idle, acceleration, gas mileage and throttle response.

Well he gave me your website and here we are and I intend on purchasing everything you offer for my Mustang just to be a proactive supporter. I currently have a twin turbo setup almost ready for install and have ordered your products for this project as well. Thanks for everything!"

SSG Rodney Cotillier