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Mission Ignition Systems - TaKAI RTYPE Series Spark Plugs
TaKAI spark plugs are the best available on the market, including features only found in aviation, aerospace and the highest racing venues in the world. When you are looking for more then a replacement spark plug, TaKAI Racing has you covered. Introducing the RTYPE Series I and Series II performance spark plugs.

Sereis I spark plug electrode RTYPE SERIES I
TaKAI Iridium RTYPE ultra high performance spark plugs are the perfect choice for engines that require smooth engine response and the MOST power output from idle to redline.

Designed for all types of powersport engines and designed to be the best, the Iridium RTYPE lineup is essential for unleashing the power in your engines combustion chamber!

The fact is, engines NEED a hotter spark for a more complete, higher horsepower combustion event. A small spark can only release an equivalent amount of energy in another process; such as starting a flame kernel in the combustion chamber. This is why it is also critical to increase available spark output to increase engine output. By increasing spark output more energy per combustion event can successfully be released. The bottom line? Be prepared to unleash the true potential of your engine on your competition!

Iridium RTYPE spark plugs allow the full potential of an engine to be realized by reducing energy losses from the ignition coil. Much like a laser focuses light the R-TYPE spark plugs focus electrical energy for the hottest, most effective spark available! Put simply there is simply no spark plug on the automotive market able to match the focal output of the Iridium R-TYPE spark plugs.spark plug internals

Benefits of the TaKAI RTYPE SERIES I spark plugs:

- higher fuel economy vs competitor designs
- higher power output vs competitor designs
- higher engine efficiency
- smoother acceleration
- focal technology output
- hotter more powerful spark output
- eliminates fouling

A no compromise approach means that TaKAI specified materials are the highest quality available. State of the art manufacturing facilities with high tech manufacturing processes (360 laser welded tip) create uncompromising reliability and power output in our Iridium RTYPE spark plugs!

The Iridium RTYPE spark plugs come with professional level features such as, Focal technology output, RTYPE copper core, RTYPE copper grounding system, and our exclusive power insulator designed to reduce flame quenching, providing you with unbeatable performance vs any competing spark plug.

With higher efficiency cores allowing for maximum power output, our design increases energy at the spark gap, total engine power through the rpm range and overall efficiency of the engine.

For more information or to search for your application click the link below.

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Information : TaKAI Performance Series I Spark Plugs

Sereis I spark plug electrode The Series II is an all out, no expense spared, duplicate of what is found on ALL serious professional engines designed for racing as well as modern day aircrafts due to reliability reasons!

With all the same great features of the Series I R-TYPE spark plugs the Series II also adds triple fine wire Iridium electrodes which delivers crisp engine response, reliability and maximum power! Designed to easily double the improvements normally seen with a single fine wire electrode, the triple finewire design offers tremendous reliability and performance characteristics that improve upon the single finewire design allowing for the hottest spark output ever!

Crisp engine response and maximum power are what TaKAI R-TYPE Series II spark plugs deliver. Allowing the full potential of an engine to be realized by reducing energy losses in the circuit TaKAI's focal technology in the Series II spark plugs utilizes TRIPLE IRIDIUM ELECTRODES and a pure copper core allowing TaKAI spark plugs to focus electrical energy much like a laser focuses light for the hottest, most effective spark available! Put simply there is no spark plug able to match the focal output of the Iridium R-TYPE spark plugs.

The triple finewire design also opens up the spark and flame kernel to the combustion chamber for a faster and more precise combustion event which nets more power through the band. Along with this the electrodes will never require re gapping of the electrode gap once initially set meaning they are maintenance free and offer 10x more life expectancy then all other designs including typical fine wire spark plugs.

The Series II R-TYPE spark plug also has greater conductivity then typical designs because of the superior pure Iridium electrodes and are designed to run flawlessly in all types of powersport engines.

Unleash all of your engines hidden potential with the use of TaKAI Iridium R-TYPE spark plugs!

Key Benefits of RTYPE Series II spark plugs

- increased horsepower over Series I
- increased fuel economy over Series I
- smooth / crisp engine performance
- includes internal suppression techniques to keep radio interference down
- triple finewire ground electrodes open up combustion chamber to flame kernel
- extended change intervals
- focal technology output
- power Insulator to reduce flame quenching
- eliminates fouling

The Series II spark plug is unquestionably the best for all out performance and reliability and is now available directly to consumers!

Available for most powersport applications including, dirt bike, street bike, snowmobile, jetski, powerboats, ATV's and more! *NOTE - Most applications are supported, for details on your application use cross reference to the left under index bar or contact us at 321-400-5959 or support@missionignitionsystems.com.

For more information or to search for your application click the link below.

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Information : TaKAI Performance Series II Spark Plugs