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Mission Ignition Next 30 ampere coil overview
Superior ignition stick coil

Mission Ignition Systems is the only company which has gained an incredible amount of ignition data during operation over the last 20 years. From ignition coils, to igniter modules and spark plugs, we understand, and have tested the most comprehensive array of components for real world results.

NeXT ignition components are no exception. These are no compromise ignition components which inherent our latest technological achievements and testing. Included with all NeXT ignition coil purchases is one on one time with our engineers to maximize their specific combination to produce individually serialized ignition coils for their specific application.

Hand assembled, NeXT components undergo the greatest care during the manufacturing process to deliver precise operation at the highest voltage and current levels ensuring smooth and reliable operation above other ignition components available on the market.

Using the latest MIL spec components to increase output characteristics while reducing size and weight our NeXT components are approximately 25% smaller than any Denso, TaKAI, or other equivalent, while maintaining, or improving on all output characteristics.

NeXT Ignition Coil FEATURES include: Ignition cap engineering

-30 ampere capability (with NexT igniters)
-20 ampere capability (with TaKAI igniters)
-12 ampere capability (with WeaponX igniters)
-8 ampere capability (with competitor / BOSCH style igniters)
-100kV capability (with NexT igniter)
-80kV capability (with TaKAI or NexT igniter)
-40kV capability (with WeaponX igniters)
-32kV capability (with competitor igniters)
-32V input capability (with NeXT amplifier and igniter, PowerBank recommended)
-24V input capability (with TaKAI amplifier and igniter, PowerBank recommended)
-GRIP ignition coil retention mechanism
-FOCAL core technology
-FOCAL output stage
-multiple spark discharge
-complete competition level RFI/EMI protection
-super high output spark
-high quality conductor selections
-ultra efficient power transfer connections
-CNC profiled positive retention connectors
-weather proof dust boots
-extended fuel mileage
-extended horsepower
-interchangeable applications

Performance, the way you want...

Available for most applications, call us at 321-400-5959 or contact support@missionignitionsystems.com for details.


Information : NeXT Performance Ignition Coils

NeXT ignition coil component options

Kawasaki, powered by TaKAICustom voltage and current outputs.

CNC profiled output interconnects - M4, threaded, or standard spark plug terminal

Internal interconnects - Standard copper, OFC copper*

Input interconnects - MIL, standard automotive, custom automotive.

Multi spark, or single long duration strike capability

External insulators - ABSX insulators, CeramicX insulators*, NeXTt2 insulators

Optional Internal RFI / EMC / EMI shielding

Internal heat sinking for cooler more consistent operation

Core tech - X core, Focal core X2

Custom or standard ignition coil retention mechanisms (produced to customer specifications)

Q factor, and Leakage loss compensation (efficiency changes)

Design is optimized for the specific needs of each customer. Overall system efficiency is cumulative, including several factors such as leakage loss and q factor. These sum up most of the important variables such as hysterisis loss, impedance loss, resistance, copper and core loss, skin effect loss, etc.